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Our social media approach includes the development of plan and parameters for the corporate social media strategy as well as determine objectives that needs to be accomplished and define how it will be done

Stale social media accounts can be bad for business and leave customers with the wrong impression. We ensure accounts are updated and that messaging is timely and relevant. This also includes tweets to appear overnight and on weekends, to promote the brands to night-owls and clients in different time zones.

People will post both good and bad things about a company online. It is vital to monitor the internet for any positive or negative feedback about an organization, and then follow up on the feedback. We encourage and thank individuals for positive feedback, and try to appease any unhappy customers.

Depending on the nature of the organization, we constantly scour the internet and the news headlines for articles, stories and tips that are industry related and which can be posted to the social media accounts.

These and more are what we keep offering to our esteemed clients.

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